Saturday, 5 April 2014

DIVERGENT OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! omg... OKAY SO LIKE LAST SUNDAY I WENT TO WATCH THE BEST MOVIE EVAAA!!!!!!! IT IS CALLED... *epic whisper* divergent (!!!!!!) Divergent is like my ultimate favourite book and I am so happy it is turned into a movie because it's just too awesome! I was like looking forward to this day for more than a month. LITERALLY!! *screaming* *fangirling*
Anyway, Minyi (who is also crazy about Divergent) and I have been planning this trip for a kind of long time. We invited 14 people. Her mum and Mummy went with us to watch DIVERGENT (*epic whisper*) cuz it's PG13. I mean like really??? It is soooo for kids. Not. On the day, I was freaking out. A lot. This was the exact date and time when we went to watch Divergent:

Day: 30/03/14 Sunday
Time: 4 (Four!!) to 6.30 (Six!!!)

At 3:30, my friends all started to arrive. We all agreed to wear Faction colours. Basically, we all went online and did this Aptitude test. I am Divergent and I have an Aptitude for Dauntless and Erudite!!! Omg... So I had to wear blue and black clothes. Most of us wore black and blue clothes cuz Dauntless is like the best faction. Shannon wore gray as she's a Stiff from Abnegation. Like, she's the only Stiff in class.

Awesomest Faction :)
We then went to buy popcorn and stuff. The queue was kind of long. While queuing, Midnight Memories MV started showing... We all started singing (even though we hate that song). And we faked that we were from CHIJ as we didn't want to embarrass our own school. When we finally entered the cinema, it was already 4 (FOUR!!) and the Summit Entertainment logo just appeared. I sat in between Mummy and Minyi. Minyi and I are like the craziest Divergent fans in class so we had to sit next to each other (duh) to fangirl. She's crazier than me though...Then we sat down and started fangirling like crazy and the random stranger person who was sitting next to Minyi stared at us like we were mad. And we were mad :)

The first scene that appeared was this shot of lovegrass and a sunset at the back. Then the casts' names started appearing on the screen and Minyi was like *SCREAM OMG* when Shailene Woodley and Theo James names appeared. Then she started whispering, "WE ARE WATCHING DIVERGENT TOGETHER HEHE!" After that, we continued to fangirl... After the scene of some random field (prob outside the fence), then came the scene of the Divergent Chicago. IT WAS LIKE SO PRETTILY AWESOME!! :D And Mummy said that it was so far not bad! AND THEN... *drumroll*... CAME SHAILENE WOODLEY'S VOICEOVER!!! She was just like, "a hundred years ago, after the war, our founders divided us into five factions, hoping to restore lasting peace etc. etc." Minyi's hands and mine were like super clammy and we were clutching each other and silent screaming.

They then showed the shot of the Five Factions, and started explaining which value each faction upholds. Erudite, intelligence. Abnegation, selflessness. Candor, honesty. Amity, peace and happiness. And Dauntless (the awesomest faction), bravery!!! <3

The parts when we fangirled the most:

1. Movie just started
2. Aptitude Test
3. Jumping off the train
4. Four first appeared
5. The next time Four appeared and talked
6. Fear landscape
7. "Fear doesn't shut you down" part
8. "I wanna be brave" part
9. Fourtris moments <3
10. Last stage of initiation
11. Four was under the simulation and was GOING TO KILL TRIS
12. End of the movie (in the train going to Amity)

So summary...

The movie was just SOOOO awesome!!! One of the best things is that is almost exactly the same as the book! It's so sad that they skipped out the butter knife part. And they didn't really show Tris's friendships with Will and Al that well. And the entire movie was a little rushed. But overall, it was so much better than I expected. I was kinda expecting it to be really emo! And it wasn't THAT bad! During the climax, I turned around to look at my other friends' expressions and they were PRICELESS! Estelle had her hand clamped over her mouth, Leia was hiding behind the popcorn box, and Jun Ray's mouth was agape!! Me and Minyi's hands were soooo wet. The whole popcorn box was wet at the end of the movie! We silent screamed so much and every 5 minutes, Minyi would recite what would happen next. It was kinda annoying and I had to resort to asking her to shush. I couldn't concentrate okay? Every 15 mins, Minyi would tell me which parts the movie missed out, and she would say, "Only true Divergent fans know that" -.-

All I want to say is that Divergent is a totally awesome movie and book! The book is better than the movie though :)

Many other people left already, but we still managed to take this after the movie
On the FOURth of April (The FOURth month), it was the international Four day (4/4/14) so many Divergent fans all over the world wrote #Four on their hands!
Our hands <3

Friday, 1 November 2013

Adventure Cove

The 14th of October was a day that I had been anticipating for weeks, and the reason was because my best friends and I were going to Adventure Cove - a water theme park! Yippee!

On the morning of that day, it rained cats and dogs. Thus, my friends and I were really worried that it would rain while we were at Adventure Cove, and we might not be able to go there. Liesel came to my house before our trip to take a ride with us. 

Mummy was to be our parent chaperone during our trip in case anyone drowned or anything. We met Lauren and Shayne at the USS globe and from there, we bought our tickets and went into Adventure Cove.

We were all flushed with excitement and joy as most of us had not been to Adventure Cove before. Also, we were going with friends and that made a lot of difference. Adventure Cove was almost like Wild Wild Wet, except that it was more fun, less crowded and less dirty. There were pools and slides almost everywhere, a HUGE wave pool, and an enormous fish tank (for snorkelling) etc.

The best and the most miraculous part was that it had stopped raining, so Lauren, Liesel, Shayne, Mummy and I could enjoy our trip at Adventure Cove to the fullest. The first ride that we went to was called "Adventure River". It was a slow, relaxing and enjoyable ride. All we needed to do was to grab a float and life-vest and jump into the winding pool that was shaped like a river. There were currents moving us along in that ride as we sat in the enormous floats and drifted aimlessly along with the current. Along the way, we saw stingrays and many different types of marine fishes.

We then went to another ride called "Duelling Racers". The ride was fun and was more for people who were daring and competitive. We were supposed to race against a friend on 2 slides, and the one who reaches the bottom first wins. I was racing against Lauren. The ride was steep and fast, and we could feel the wind blowing against our faces as we plummeted down the slide. I reached the bottom long before Lauren did! :D Shayne and Liesel were racing against each other. However, when Shayne was going down the slide, she did not tuck her arms in. Thus she suffered abrasions when she reached the bottom of the slide.

Mummy brought Shayne to the First-Aid centre while Lauren, Liesel and I went to the wave pool to play. The wave pool was one of the funnest attractions in the whole Adventure Cove. The waves were just so strong and powerful. Swimming in the wave pool was almost impossible - the currents were so strong that they would sweep us back with much impact. We drank loads of disgusting chlorine water from the wave pool as the waves dipped us underwater.

Mummy came back soon with Shayne. Shayne could not get in the water for about an hour, so we went for lunch first. We had lunch at this restaurant called "Bay Restaurant". I had fish and chips and I realised all my friends (including me) were starving. Swimming probably made us tired and hungry.

After lunch, we went to this obstacle course in Adventure Cove. The attraction was something like the TV show, Wipeout. If we fell off an obstacle, we would just fall straight into the 4m deep water. Thankfully, no one fell into the water!!

Then, we went to the wave pool again. It was as exciting as before. The waves just kept engulfing at us and since Mummy was with us, we went to the deep end where the waves were even stronger! We were wearing life jackets so it was quite safe even though we went under water numerous times.

We took a slide (I forgot what the name of the slide was) that was green in colour and was quite exhilarating. The queue for that slide was quite long - about 45 minutes. The time seemed to pass really quickly as we sang songs like "Really Don't Care", "Best Song Ever" and "Here's To Never Growing Up". The slide was full of twists and turns, and our float went down the slide pretty fast. While sliding down, Liesel and I sang "Sparks Fly", another song by the awesome Taylor Swift. ;)

After dipping ourselves in the wave pool once again, Lauren and I decided to go snorkelling with fishes. Liesel and Shayne were scared that the fishes would nibble at their toes -.-, so they didn't want to go.

In the end, Liesel and Shayne decided to go to the wave pool with Mummy, and Lauren and I went to queue up for "Rainbow Reef".  Rainbow Reef is the name of the snorkelling attraction at Adventure Cove.

The queue there was soooo long. Even longer than the queue for the slide. HOWEVER.....there was a couple standing in front of us in the queue and they were like so disgustingly gross. They were kissing non-stop and they looked so ridiculous that Lauren and I had to stifle our laughter. Even the people who stood behind us in the queue were going to laugh. Lauren and I then named the weird couple "Monster X". Heehee.... :)

We decided not to go snorkelling because the queue was just too long. It was also getting quite late and we had to go back home soon.

We went to bathe at the dirty toilets at Adventure Cove then went back home. Shayne's father offered to drive me and mummy back home. It was a tiring, fun and fulfilling day at Adventure Cove and I would really like to go back there with all my good friends again.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Innovation Programme (IvP)

I participated in an Innovation Programme (IvP), organised by Gifted Education Branch, this year. The programme lasted almost the whole year, and during the programme, we learnt about inventions and how to invent things. My group mates were my two good friends, Lauren and Liesel, and we named our group "Clockwork Mice", as it was the first thing that came to our minds when the teacher asked us for a group name.

We were supposed to invent something and the item that we invented have to pass two judging rounds before a few of the teams would be selected to display their inventions at a Science fair for pupils in other schools to admire.

After having a few lessons about different inventions (vacuum cleaner and Velcro etc.), we started working on our invention. After a lot of planning, we decided to make a Dustband. The Dustband is a duster with a band attached to it. As teachers usually don't have a lot of time to erase what they have written on the board when they are teaching, they will just use their hands or wrists to erase what they have written. With the Dustband, teachers don't need to use their hands or wrists to erase what they had written. They only need to use the Dustband, which is just attached to their wrists, to clean the board. It is very efficient and saves a lot of time.

We had to make a poster for our invention, and I think that was one of the best parts of the whole programme! Other than the poster, we also had to make a prototype (of course!). Surprisingly though, making the prototype was much easier than making the poster.

Our first meeting for the project was at my house. Before Lauren and Liesel came, Mummy and I bought loads of scrapbooking materials for the poster. Lauren and Liesel came to my house after school and we started on the prototype first. It was quite easy as we only had to take the Velcro strips and stick them onto a duster. Lauren had already volunteered to sew on the cloth on the Velcro at her house, so that was all we had to do with the prototype.

We took quite a long time writing the report, as well as making and decorating the poster. We played Taylor Swift music while doing all our work, so it was really enjoyable. I wrote the report, Lauren decorated the board and Liesel stuck everything onto the board. In about 2 hours' time, we finally finished making the board and it was so glittery.

When we showed the teacher our board and prototype the next day in school, she told us that it was really nice and that we put in a lot of effort. However, she also said that it was a little too overly decorated, but she still selected our team and another 2 teams to go for the first round of the judging. That following Friday, we were going to NUS for the second round of judging - this time by the organizers of the IvP programme.

None of my friends were able to make it for the second round of the judging so I was to go alone. Thankfully, two other close friends of mine from two other teams were also going for the second round of the judging.

When we were there, the judges came to our table and asked us about our project and we just had to explain what it was all about. It was really quite easy.

Our teacher received the results of the second round of the judging really soon and our team passed through! That meant that our inventions were going to be put up in the Science fair! Sadly, one of the groups did not pass the second round of the test.

The day of the fair came really quickly. Before we went for the actual fair, we had a workshop with 3M. We were supposed to make an eco-friendly, rubber band powered car out of chopsticks, some paper and rubber bands. We made our car really quickly and it was the fastest car in the whole room (where we were in), so we got a little goodie bag from 3M! Yay! :D

We had a very tiny little area to put up our poster and display our invention, but the fair was still a very fun experience. The Science fair lasted for about 2 hours and pupils from many different schools participated in it. Lauren, Liesel and I manned the booth and talked to the students who had any inquiries about our invention. We also met a lot of our other friends from other schools so the fair was really memorable for me.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

About Taylor Swift...!

Oh my gosh her eyes are like so nice... AHHHHHHH. OMG OMG OMG. She is like the best singer EVER!!! And she is like so so so so so nice and her face is like AHHHHSHS. OMG... sigh TEEHEE Her hair is like..... SO AWESOMELY CURLY. And she is sooo pretty. 

She's soosoosoosoosoosososososoosoosoososo talented and her voice is TO DIE FOR. And she won so so so so many awards already because she is the best singer who has ever lived. OMG AHHHH!!! Whenever I hear her songs I sort of become insane and START SCREAMING!!! If I don't listen to her songs at least 5 times a day, I can't sit still and I'll go hyperactive!!!! If I get to meet her I'll be like..... AHHHHH !!! I wish sooooo much that i can see her RED concert, as it is the best concert EVER! If she just says HI to me.... I'LL FAINT :) !!! 

Oh my gosh.... Her guitar is sooo sparkly and silver... IT'S THE BEST GUITAR EVER. Her cat looks so fluffy, small, cute and adorable. It looks like a soft toy... OMG!!! AHAHHAHHH!!! I already have 3 of her 4 albums. YAY, but I really, really cannot find her first album, which is like the BEST ALBUM EVER!!!!!! There's Tim McGraw in that album and Teardrops on my Guitar!!! OMGGGGG!!!! Our Song is also in that album... It's like music to your ears if you hear her voice!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! 

Maybe Taylor Swift ( the album ) isn't the best album ever. The best album is definitely Speak Now... I COULD LISTEN TO IT ALL DAY!!! Let me name all the tracks which i already memorized...
Track 3: Back to December... SAD SONG BUT SOOOO CATCHY AWESOME!
Etc.... I'm too lazy to type out everything

Fearless and Red are SO SUPERBLY AWESOME TOO!!!!! 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Fun Experience

On the 14th of May, I went to the Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium for my class field trip after school. We were supposed to do a reflection about our experience there on the iPods that we rented the next day. I think that our field trip there was very fun and we also learnt how to work as a team. It was a good thing that my group members are all good-natured and no one quarreled at all. The people in my group were all very tall as we were all grouped according to height. My group members were Anne, Nadia and Jun Ray. 

My whole class was full of the joys of spring as we boarded the bus to the Maritime Museum. As almost the whole class had never went there before, we were all like a dog with two tails. In the bus, we chatted nineteen-to-the-dozen very loudly till the bus driver got frustrated and drove to the Maritime Museum recklessly. When we reached our destination, we immediately ran into the museum as fast as our legs could carry us as it was sweltering hot that afternoon. After our instructors taught us how to use the iPods,  we began to tour around the enormous museum. My group's instructor told us everything from shipwrecks long, long time ago to stuff that people in the past traded, sold and bought. I thought that it was a little long-winded.

Soon, it was time to go to one of my favourite places in the museum, the Typhoon Theatre! We were going to experience a typhoon. Little did I know that we were going to get wet.... We sat down on a fake, wooden boat and watched the little show on the screen. The whole thing is exactly like a 4D movie. The seats vibrated, there was thunder and lightning and it rained! After the show, my hair was soaked and I was very wet!

The instructor finished talking and we went back to school, ready to go back home, tired but delighted at what we ad learnt today.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My First School Camp Part 3

15th of March 2012 at night:
I hardly got a night's sleep. I slept at 2 a.m. and woke up at six in the morning, so that was only about four hours of sleep unlike my usual eight to nine hours. It was so uncomfortable in my sleeping bag and someone who slept next to me kept snoring. I went the toilet like about four times at night with my friends.We could actually wake up at seven, but some people who came back from the toilet woke me up just to ask who we were as they needed to find out which was their  sleeping bag.
16th of March 2012:
 In the morning, after we washed up and all, we went to eat breakfast at the canteen. Our breakfast was bee hoon noodles and a yam cake. I basically did not eat anything at all except the bee hoon (I did not eat any of the vegetables). After our breakfast, our group was assigned to clean the toilets! It was so very disgusting and gross and other groups kept making fun of us as they only needed to clean nice places like the lecture theater, the AVA room and the quadrangle. We did not clean the toilets at all as we got chased out of the toilets by the cleaners. One of the cleaners called us stupid and another one just said we were messing up the toilets. >_<
Then, we went for our leadership training lessons. It was for about three and a half hours. Most of us in the class just practically slept because the lesson was so boring and we did not sleep well last night. It was soon time for prize-giving and all the groups got a prize. Our group achieved the Snow White prize that means that we were the most hardworking group of all. 
At 12 o'clock noon, it was time for us to go back home. We said goodbye to the teachers and our new friends that we made there. We then all went home for a good, long rest. :)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My First School Camp Part 2

I spent the whole night packing for just that two days of my camp. Mummy helped me pack loads and loads of stuff into my camping bag that night. She must be anxious whether I would be able to sleep well, eat well, be safe.....  (I can't finish my list of examples or I would use up half of this page) She and Papa even drove past my school during my dinner time hoping to get a peep at me!! ;)
15th of March 2012

I went to school at eight forty-five in the morning, carrying an enormous camping bag. I dropped my bag off at a nearby classroom and went to join my friends at where we are supposed to go. We played some rather babyish games there like Splat and Murderer. My group was named Mermaid( I didn't choose the name). I had no idea why suddenly, my group was named Mermaid by our group leader who was eleven years old. We even got made fun of by some of the other groups like Yogi Bear though their group's name is much worse than ours. :(
We then proceeded to one of the classrooms and spent one and a half hours on boring leadership training and after that we finally got to eat our lunch. I don't think I should say eat. I only nibbled at some of the rice and sweet and sour pork! The rest of the food was just all unusual vegetables that I had never seen before. After lunch, we needed to tidy up the canteen and pick up little disgusting bits of food from the floor with our bare hands. I didn't want to do it nor my friends, but we were forced to do it by the teachers. Yuck! Anyway, there are even more gross things to come!
My group then came out with a group cheer. It was like this: 
Mermaid, mermaid we will decide your fate. 
We will win and you will lose, it is not for you to choose.
After that, we started our fun games! The first game that my group played was called Hula-hoop Walk. We had to hula-hoop and walk all the way to another place. It was very easy and we finished the whole game in four minutes. The second game was called Make-up Madness. There was a plate of flour and each of us had to put our face into that plate of flour. We also had to smudge a bit of green paint onto our noses! That was the worst game of all. >_<
We went for many more exciting games but the last game that my group went for was the best! There was a leaking pipe that was full of holes and most of us had to cover them. The rest of us carried styrofoam cups that were already broken on our heads so we were all very wet after the game.
After all the activities, we started our water bombing! Each group had a limited amount of water bombs that we could use to hit the other groups. It was extremely fun but soon, we had to all clean up. :(  Some of the groups( not my group ) got to bathe first and didn't need to help us to clean up our school.
After that, I went to bathe ( very cold water! ) in the toilet cubicles that people use to poop and pee! We  ate delicious fish and chips for dinner. That was the best meal of the whole camp!
At around eleven at night,we were all still all awake doing another activity that was called Water Source. The primary three and four students were supposed to find a water source and where it would end while the primary five students were to find pipes that were hidden all over the school and connect them together. The primary six students needed to write a poem about how precious water is.
Finally, at twelve midnight, we snuggled into our sleeping bags and tried to fall asleep. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't sleep so I fell asleep at two o'clock and woke up at six in the morning.
Wait for my next blog entry and I will tell you about my next day at the camp and my horrible night!